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15 Years Of Experience
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Dr Humera Saeed is a co-founder and director of Compassion Couch Psychiatry and Therapy Clinic. An Adult and Geriatric Consultant Psychiatrist by profession, she graduated from DOW and has undertaken specialist training in psychiatry in England. She has worked in specialist units in dementia and has her primary expertise in managing mental health conditions within the elderly. Her speciality also includes mood disorders, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, substance use disorders, adult ADHD, perinatal disorders and psycho-oncology. Dr Humera has previously worked as part of a multidisciplinary clinic at AKU to provide psychiatric treatment to patients with neurological disorders. She has experience in liaison psychiatry, including working with people diagnosed with cancer and women with pregnancy-related complications. She also has experience in delivering ECT and has served as part of an ECT Consultant team in UK as well as in Pakistan. In addition to her psychiatric work, she also had training in psychotherapy and has been active in academic teaching. She has been the director of Compassion Couch’s internship programme since its inception. She is also a co-founder and director of the Synapse Neuroscience Institute and an accredited Balint group leader.


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