Compassion Couch Internship Program

At Compassion Couch, we are proud to offer a dynamic 6-week internship program designed for individuals passionate about mental health and seeking hands-on experience in the field. Our program is structured to provide interns with a comprehensive understanding of clinical psychology practices within a supportive and nurturing environment.

Internship Program

Compassion Couch Internship

Shadowing of Sessions
Interns will have the chance to observe therapy sessions conducted by our experienced professionals. This experience offers valuable insights into therapeutic techniques and client-therapist interactions.
Field Visits
To broaden their understanding of mental health care in different settings, interns will participate in field visits to various mental health facilities and community organizations.
A series of lectures delivered by our team of experts will cover a range of topics in psychology, therapy practices, and mental health advocacy. These sessions are designed to enrich the interns' knowledge and understanding of the field.
Direct Client-Intern Interactions
Under supervision, interns will have the opportunity to interact directly with clients during initial screenings. This hands-on experience is crucial for developing assessment and communication skills.
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